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As well as being a friendly Plaice to chat, Sardine doesn't neglect his stock threads. Below are just some of the stock threads active today.

Restaurant Information of the Future

The Mobile Food Guide is a new, groundbreaking up to the minute interactive restaurant guide. While remaining an invaluable reference on your desk top computer it is primarily designed for the PDA mobile phone. At last you can have a restaurant guide, in your pocket, right up to date and FREE to use.

  • Find a restaurant.

  • Read a description of the restaurant

  • View the menu

  • View the Wine List

  • Read other guide users� reviews

  • Read the restaurant�s �Daily Specials�

  • Auto dial the restaurant

  • Link to the restaurant�s own web site

  • Add a review direct from your PDA mobile phone

UK Restaurant Guide | Kent Restaurant Guide

Sardine has also introduced a new style of thread. The objective is to achieve quality, and exclusivity, for the members, by the members. Below are just some of the SP threads Sardine'S Plaice has to offer.

The SP on America by Rogue Trader
An overview of what's hot and what's not in the US, including what's in the news, what's up in the White House and what the opinions of the people are.
The SP on Wine by MR P1NOT
Your monthly news on the world of wine and answers to your questions from our very own in-house advisor, M. P1NOT
The UK Restaurant Guide
UK Restaurant Guide - Your guide to UK Restauarnts.
Get a Table
Get a Table - find and book Restaurants online.